Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Every room in our house needs re-painted or at least refreshed.

Cool is a good one for starting projects but never finishing. For instance, as a present to me after my hysterectomy 6 years ago, he painted our bedroom. He has yet to put the trim back on the windows. Right after that he decided to paint the living room and dining room. Everything got painted except the wall in back of the corner cabinet. And then he took the initiative to paint Sweet's room while the kids and I were living at my MIL's and it all got painted. Except for a 2x2 square in a top corner of her room. See my point?

Please don't think I am dissing Cool. It isn't his fault. Really. He comes by it so naturally that it is 2nd nature. He really doesn't even realize he does it. You see, his dad bless his soul, was the same way. He built a house when Cool was just a little tweaker. He died 12 years ago and the back splash behind the kitchen sink still isn't' attached. He built a screened in porch on the back of their house and the day he died one of the screens still wasn't attached properly. You see? He comes by it very naturally. So I don't blame him. At all.

BUT times, they are a changin'. We bought paint for Sweet's room yesterday. Cool said he is painting her room today. "As Bob as my witness", it will be painted entirely BEFORE he is allowed to rest tonight. Period.

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