Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Summer Learning

I always have great plans for schooling during the summer. I say to myself, "Self, this is a great time to learn about the outdoors with nature studies, science labs, nutrition from the garden...blah, blah, blah." I start off well intentioned but usually by the middle of June my plans are kaput and summer schooling is out the window. I just don't think ahead. I forget about camps, summer classes at the college and different fun summer things that come up unexpectedly. That is why I am so happy I found Internet4classrooms Summer Learning program.

After signing up for the appropriate grade level, I4C will email daily lessons to you. The lessons are very easy for the kids to navigate and they can do them all by themselves in very little time. Included in the daily lesson is a grade appropriate math game, a science activity, This Day in History, state information (1 state a day), and vocabulary with activities to go with it. There is also a summer reading list and the daily "holiday". Yesterday the picklets learned that is was chocolate day, giving them the excuse to make a cake with chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles. Each day it has taken the picklets between 1 and 2 hours to complete the daily lesson. Plus they usually go back and play the math games again and again.

Once you sign up for the Summer Learning, make sure you look around I4C. They have a great selection of websites for each grade level (PK-12), assessment help, practice modules and much more. Best of all? It's FREE!

I emalied Internet4Classrooms CEO Bill Franklin to let him know that I thought the site was excellent and to ask if it is really free. He immediately replied back and said, "There is no charge to access any of the content on the Internet4Classrooms website. All the costs of operating the website are covered through advertising revenue and sponsorships. The idea is to put information in the hands of those who need it most, at no cost. That's why over 1 million people visit us each month during the school year." I am positive I have been living under a rock because until this week I had never visited the site.

I am so glad I found Internet4Classrooms. Summer Learning has been a saving grace for this "homeschool marm" and I am positive the resources listed at I4C will be used time and again during the rest of our homeschool career.

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