Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips and Recipes Week

As we prepare for the holidays, I thought everyone can use tips and recipes thus "Tips and Recipes Week" was born. Yesterday I posted my sausage burgers and avocado creme. If you get the chance to make them, do so! They are quite good.

With all the holiday baking our oven is getting to the point that it needs a good cleaning. I absolutely HATE the oven cleaner sprays. Cool swears by them but I would prefer NOT to use them. I started using the below method and found I don't dread cleaning the oven nearly as bad as I used to.

To clean the oven preheat to 200 degrees then shut it off.
Pour 1/4 cup ammonia in a dish and place in oven.
Let sit overnight.
In the morning dispose the ammonia. (I flush it down the toilet)
Wipe the oven clean.

This method works quite well without the spray and fumes that always made me sick. I hope it works for you.

As always, be careful and be sure to read the labels.

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