Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Learnin'

Today has been...well...a challenge. We are all tired. That in itself is a challenge. We bought a new to us car over the holidays. A 1998 Ford Escort Sport-5 speed. It has low mileage and was well taken care of. It has been fun re-learning to drive a stick. I have finally stopped making the VRRRRRMMMMM noise when starting from a complete stop. Progress. :-)

This morning we had to go to Sokol and clean. Not the funnest job for three picklets. Bathrooms were scrubbed, floors vacumed, mats moved, garbage changed. Four of us worked almost 3 hours straight. It isn't perfect but better than it was.

For school type activities we watched YOU ARE THERE, George Washington Crosses the Delaware and Farewell Speech. The picklets also watched Dogs 101. As always, there was gymnastics for Sweet and Chip.

That's it. A very mild, easy going start to the new year. Planning on picking up the pace in a week or so. But easing into it after such a long break always seems to be best. Especially when we are all tired.

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