Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Schooling

Today is our first "real" day back at it. I can already tell I need some better organizational skills. Looking around there are three backpacks for the kids and I, myself, have two bags with school stuff in it. It is time I take the big step and organize. But how?? LOL

I bit the bullet and bought an actual curriculum to use with the picklets. I needed something a bit more concrete since we are always on the go. It is structured in the form that it gives assignments but doesn't set days the assignments need to be done so you don't get behind. I bought Connect the Thoughts Lower School and Upper School 1st Semester bundles. Hopefully they will work out and I can continue to buy more. They are on sale thru the 17th if anyone is interested. You can also try out a free unit to see if it is something your family would like.

The picklets started time management journals this morning. I find they are always saying they don't have time to make their bed or pick up their room etc...I want to see where all there time goes.

The best thing we started today was Brainetics. What a fun program so far! It doesn't teach basic math but does give a kind of theory and makes you think outside the box. Chip doesn't think in a normal mathematical way. This program, I think, is going to be good for him. Dill on the other hand over-thinks. It is harder for him to let go and use "shortcuts". I can't wait to continue on with this. I think it is going to open a new door for us.

The final new thing we started today was the speed reading course I bought. It has a money back guarantee so we will see.
As for other items of the day we all got haircuts, Chip and Sweet had gymnastics, Dill visited his grandma and I drank a pumpkin spice cappuccino. :-) Hope tomorrow runs as well.

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Karen said...

I would love to hear how you like Connect The Thoughts. I have always been intrigued by that curriculum.

Good luck!